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My puppy

I would say less than an hour ago Ein was playing around our room like he normally does, he ran under the bed and played under there for a little bit. He came out and only about a min or 2 after he came out he suddenly made this yelping sounds like he was in pain. I got up really quick and started hugging him and he still whined. I picked him up and put him on the bed next to Levi and we started petting him. I felt a wet spot, I wasn't sure where, and it smelled like pee so we gave him a bath. Afterwards we dried him off the best we could and we were going to trim his claws. Levi went out to have a cigarette and Ein stood by the door for a little bit. I wasn't really paying attention but he walked over to the rug in near the door and started yelping again. From what I think I saw was a small spot of pee on the carpet. Levi came in and I told him and he said he heard him. We held him again and he started to whine a little. We gave him some peanut butter and clipped his claws and then we brought him into our room. He yelped a little more and spotted more in our room. Levi brought him out because he thought he had to go to the bathroom and even with my headphones on I could hear my poor pup crying. Levi brought him in and he said that when he was yelping he tried to pet him but Ein only bit him. We figured it was out of pain. He hasn't yelped again yet but he's been trying to sleep curled up next to our bed and shaking every so often. We're going to try to go to the vet tomorrow morning. We think it may be a bladder infection but we're not sure. Ein was fine all day. I hope he'll be able to sleep. Levi and I probably won't.

Anyone else who has a pet-has any of your pets had this problem? It really worries me. Ein is my baby and I don't want him to be in pain. He seemed comfortable enough to roll over on his back and we scratched his chest and his sides gently. He started to shake a little and I held his paw and with he held onto my hand with the other. It seemed so human. His eyes are teary too.

We've been trying to figure out someone we know to drive us to the vet in the morning. The only person we can think of is his friend Dan since our parents, roommate, and my sister's boyfriend all have work. I hope Ein will be all right.
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