Sven (sakurahidaka) wrote,

some bad news

I called my sister today to ask if she wanted to come over. As soon as she answers the phone she says that she was thinking about me. At Dan's house there's another house at the bottom of their driveway where two brothers (that are friends of Dan's) rent. Roger and Ray. This morning, early, Ray was killed in a motorcycle accident. I can't believe it myself. I know Roger, but I only met Ray once. They're twin brothers. Roger is in the phase of blaming himself. Ray lost his keys the other night and Roger found them. He thinks that if he didn't find them this wouldn't have happened to Ray.

He made several calls. His parents are coming up from Texas tomorrow. More than likely his parents will want him to come home. What's really sad is Dan's family could hear Roger crying from their house. (There is a considerable distance between the properties) I really can't imagine how Roger must feel right now.

Apparently it was on the news this morning and there are 5 pictures online. Mal is hoping so bad that Roger won't find them. There aren't any pictures of the body, only one where it's covered by a sheet...He died quickly and that's all Roger was hoping for his brother's sake.

None of us can believe that that happened. It still doesn't feel real.
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