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Ran ran ruu?

I'm not entirely sure what's being said here but I found it on CuteOverload:

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here are what the beans are saying:

cute bean # 1: good morning! 200 million bacteria live in kangaroo's pouches!

cute bean # 2: nnnnyuuuu. hey, did you know? apparently french dandelions smell really bad!

cute bean # 3: mmhhh. jaaan! hey, did you know? apparently kangaroo pee smells really bad!

i lol'd dkfgll;gkhghgf
hjgaiohwuioesgjfth0ghoah!!! OMG that's awesome. I thought the 3rd one sounded somewhat familiar to the first one. It must have been the word for Kangaroo? I dunno. anyway I had to share this video because it was awesome >w
oh and I guess it would sound like the second one too with the "smell really bad" XD;;;
Hi. Remember me?

Those were odd, but I still like the Fanta ones best.
Aaaaaaaahhhn x3 *tackle* of course I remember xP

hahahah Fanta is always crazy.
o.O;;;.... I worry for the McDonalds' in Japan if they run commercials like that....
I dunno~ I don't even like McDonald's. I may go just because of the commercial XD, probably not.