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A little scared...

I just went out for a walk with Mal and Dan, just so we could talk for a while. State street, which is sort of like our downtown part of our borough was trashed, at least 3 trash cans were knocked over, trash everywhere and there was a potted plant (we have a few out on the street) that was knocked over with dirt everywhere. As well as quite a few people just hanging around just sitting there.

Also we made it to Providence rd which is the main street near my apartment and some guy was walking down Providence that I didn't see before and he turned down the first street before mine with us and then, according to Dan, he turned down my street with us. Mal, Dan and I walked faster and Mal told me to just go straight in. The guy wore something that jingled like keys or a chain. He seemed young but it was dark and he was several feet behind us so I'm not entirely sure of his age and, not to sound stereotypical but I believe he was black (A LOT of people in Media are black.)...Mal got into the car and Dan walked me up to the door. I locked our door as soon as I closed it and Mal called me almost right away making sure that I locked the door. Also apparently this guy watched Dan walk me up to the door.

I'm a bit creeped out right now but I'm happy that Levi's awake. I even locked our bedroom door just to be safe T__T I doubt he's creeping around randomly but what makes the situation weirder is I think I had a dream last night about being held hostage..sorta. but I ended up using a gun? That didn't have bullets so it didn't work and I was trying to find a way to get rid of the guy. I dunno. I mean, in my dream I wasn't hurt nor was anyone else and I got away.

It's just a weird feeling right now because I don't want Levi to go out for a cigarette and I'm afraid to leave the room. And I sort of have to pee.

I dunno...tonight's a weird night.

I can't wait until it's light out.

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