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Moment of silence

Bad news came to me from Levi when he came into work last night:

Louis: Levi's brother and sister-in-law's French Bulldog had to be put to sleep. It was a shame really, Louis apparently had some really bad back problems, I think something to do with disks or something and Jude and Amy found that the cost for surgery was $5000 and they were willing to spend their life's savings to save their baby's life but the veterinarian called and said that it wasn't worth it since there was a small percentage it would work and even if it did recovery time would be horribly painful for a few months.

I didn't really get a chance to get to know Louis. I just remember going over there with Levi around 8 or 9am to take care of the dogs while Jude and Amy were away and take a nap in their bed and Louis would scale the perimeter of the bed snorting his little ass off so that he could get on the bed and a couple times we woke to Louis sleeping between us.

It's really sad. I liked Louis a lot and it looked like Levi didn't take it too well. I can't imagine how Jude, Amy or even Huxley feels right now. Everyone must be heartbroken.

Louis has a myspace page and when I went to his page to save some of his pictures just looking at him made me feel sad.

Good-bye Louis, you'll be missed but always loved.
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Deleted comment

Thanks. It's so sad really, he isn't even my dog and I feel so bad. I was sad about Pongo too.

I hate to bring it up but...did you ever find out anything about Ailee?

Deleted comment

Yeah, it would be a good idea to keep the others away from the basement. Not that there is something down there but it would rule it out just in case. Heart failure seems a bit odd but I guess it's the only likely thing right now. Strange. Thanks for telling me though.
I'm so so sorry about Louis. Please extend my condolences to Levi's brother and sister in law. I know I never met Louis, but I can empathize 100% after just losing my own baby-- it's the worst feeling in the world. How awful...
I will. Levi and I comment on Louis' myspace page. When Levi told me I could definitely tell that he was upset, and of course I thought of all the cute memories I had of that snorting machine but I just told myself that he's not suffering anymore.

I also hope that you're feeling at least a little better. <3 <3